Slow is the New Down

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eCommerce holiday planning is crucial for any online retailer. Today’s customers expect fast, consistent website performance. If your website is slow, 28% of your customers may never return, choosing instead to make their purchase at a competing site.

Website optimization can be complex and challenging, but with the right tools and knowing where to start, you can delight your customers with a seamless shopping experience. Below are some tips to help guide your eCommerce holiday planning.

Holiday eCommerce Tips

  • Keep your site’s “time to first byte” under 0.5 seconds.
  • Get your site’s start-to-render time below 1.5 seconds — users will abandon a website if it doesn’t appear to load quickly.
  • Implement real-user monitoring to catch any performance problems that may be affecting user experience.
  • Test the number of users and requests your site can handle before it starts slowing down or goes down completely.
  • Find and eliminate page load bottlenecks wherein users can’t interact with the page.
  • Decrease overall load time by reducing the number of requests a page makes.
  • Eliminate usability or navigation problems on your mobile site.

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Holiday Readiness Resources

Here you can find even more holiday eCommerce tips. Whether you’re interested in real time performance monitoring to better understand your users, want to learn more about website load testing to prepare for peak holiday traffic, or are eager to optimize site speed to keep your customers happily shopping, these resources can help you get started with your Black Friday website optimization.

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