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Your window into digital
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SOASTA’s Digital Operations Center Named Best eCommerce Solution

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Total visibility into all of your IT and business tools.
One center of truth.

Separate teams, many tools, one business goal.

Break down silos, create cross-team collaboration and communicate faster and more effectively — all in real-time.

Marketing Campaigns

Monitor your campaign in real-time, analyze the performance impact, and react instantly. Find what’s working during campaigns by connecting independent tools together into one view. See how click-through ads perform differently from video.

A/B Testing

Whether you’re comparing CDNs, marketing campaigns, landing pages, or product versions, watch results unfold in a side-by-side comparison.

Team Collaboration

Bring IT Ops together with business and marketing teams using one platform for connection and communication. Increase collaboration around performance, conversion, and revenue.

Remote access

Team members and executives can instantly monitor progress while working remotely.

Maximize revenue during marketing campaigns, react and adjust in real-time.

Key Features

The Technology:

The DOC connects separate data sources, marrying revenue to real-time site performance — giving you an end-to-end view of your digital performance.


Stream the DOC from anywhere remotely to provide insight to management or separate teams.


Create individual team DOCs based on any number of integrations.

Supports single and multiple monitors, multiple data sources on timers.

Image of a load test with real-time results while teams collaborate

Image of real-time monitoring of an A/B campaign

Your Complete Solution for Digital Performance Management

Connect the DOC to SOASTA’s DPM suite to master your digital assets. Combine your tools for full personalization and communication.

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