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Use all your data to make the best decisions for your digital business.
Analyze. Pinpoint. Prioritize. All based on your user behavior and conversion.

Industry-leading performance analytics for beginner to advanced data science teams. Akamai DataScience lets you create actionable insights,
across teams, from 100% of your customer data.

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Third parties slowing down your site?

Unsure of the impact on performance, conversion, and user experience?
Take back control with Third-Party Resource Analytics.

Third-Party Resources: The Challenge

Up to 60% of the resources on a typical web page can come from third parties. While these scripts are necessary, it’s challenging to measure their impact on business and user experience metrics… until now.

Third-Party Resource Analytics is a Akamai DataScience feature that allows you to understand and control the impact of third-party performance across your entire site. Which third-party resources perform the worst — in realtime and historically? How does the performance of each third party affect user experience and business metrics, such as bounce rate, conversion rate, and session length? Do third-party performance issues affect some users more than others?

With Third-Party Resource Analytics, you can quickly remediate poorly performing resources, hold resource providers accountable for SLAs and overall performance, and take back control over your site’s front-end performance.

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YOUR data answers tough questions

DataScience identifies patterns and trends from millions — even billions — of events from your web and mobile properties. Advanced data science allows you to analyze all of your data to answer the most critical digital performance questions.

Your data, your challenges, your company. DataScience gives you answers.

Make your data work for you.

Sorting through billions of user events to find answers shouldn’t be daunting.

Using data science, the Conversion Impact Score determines which web pages matter most to your business.

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Predictive analytics delivers powerful insights.

The What-If dashboard in mPulse combines 100% of your real user data with DataScience to learn predictive patterns. It accurately forecasts your revenue and conversion from the relationship between performance and user engagement.

What-If helps you predict the outcome of performance changes before they happen, so you can make informed decisions before modifying your website.

See the What-If Dashboard in Action.
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Make performance improvement a daily routine. Receive user data in concise and powerful visuals.

Want daily reports pushed to you? Connect separate teams around your user performance. With automatic reporting, you’ll get a head-start tracking performance for continual improvement.

No data scientist? No problem. Receive daily data visualizations automatically from Akamai.

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Find answers deep within your data — with ease.

At a glance, see how your digital assets are performing by page group, geography, device type, browser, and page resource.

Tree maps allow you to drill into each dimension and quickly identify performance issues across multiple layers.

Incorporate marketing analytics into mPulse for real-time performance results

Real-time performance results for your marketing campaigns

mPulse lets you incorporate marketing analytics data to understand how performance affects your campaigns. It integrates sessions information from leading analytics tools with mPulse data for results in real time.

Now you won’t have to wait days to see the precise correlation between marketing and performance data. You can even filter results by campaign to assess effectiveness and make adjustments in real time.

Communicate across teams more powerfully. Let your data do the talking.
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The Difference With DataScience

Simplified reporting, powerful visualizations, actionable insights

Robust, three-tiered model: Query + DataScience Algorithm + Display

Multi-step computation. Anything the data supports can be calculated in DataScience.

Interested in putting your data to work?

Whether your business is a growth-oriented start-up or large global enterprise, advanced data science is easier than you’d think with Akamai DataScience.

Find your focus, find your insights, find your edge, from YOUR data.

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