Squarespace wanted to demonstrate the power of its publishing and e-commerce platform to millions viewing its Super Bowl ad. To be confident at game time, they called SOASTA.


  • Squarespace developed the Dreaming with Jeff campaign, which debuted at Super Bowl XLIX
  • The website they built was much more dynamic than anything they had ever done before, and needed to do testing to make sure the site was ready for game day



  • Load tested up to 350,000 VUs, 165,000 requests per second
  • Developed complex scripts in tight timeframe just days before event
  • Scaled with real world scenarios, doubled load capacity with fixes
  • Process 30,000 requests per second at maximum peak
  • Read case study

Franklin Angulo Engineering Manager Squarespace

"We needed the real experience from a customer perspective scaled at humongous levels."

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