Spreadshirt spreads performance-driven best practices by driving higher conversion rates by choosing a more accurate and powerful performance analytic solution.


  • Spreadshirt specializes in on-demand printing for clothing and accessories, catering to over 70,000 active retailers, individuals, and various other organizations worldwide
  • The company sees more than 200 million page impressions a day, so it is dependent on the performance of its online platform
  • As the business grew, Spreadshirt needed more accurate data for its digital performance monitoring, as the previous self-developed open-source tools were no longer meeting business needs


  • mPulse


  • Spreadshirt saw an immediate increase in the performance of its e-commerce platform, and was impressed with the price-performance ratio that mPulse provided
  • The company has seen overall success in its online environment, reflected in improved conversion rates
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Guido Laures CTO Spreadshirt

"SOASTA mPulse has decisive criteria that is easy to use, with clear user interface and drill-down capabilities. Because our large e-commerce platform is constantly exchanging data, it is advantageous that mPulse gives us valuable data on third-party issues. Given the performance of this new solution, the team is completely satisfied."

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