Office Depot Gears Up for Digital Transformation with SOASTA


  • Wanted to transform performance management for digital age
  • Needed tools that accurately tested and monitored real user scenarios
  • Not able to find correlations from data collected


  • CloudTest
  • mPulse
  • Data Science
  • DOC


  • Tested to scale without additional hardware investments
  • Empowered performance team with real user data to advise on business
  • Determined revenue impact of half-second page load improvement
  • Built model to proactively amend marketing campaigns not meeting revenue targets in real time
  • Read case study

Erick Leon Performance Engineering Team Lead Office Depot

"Any time we bring any new requirements, SOASTA is always eager to find that solution and really deliver on that product. With previous vendors we didn’t get that. It was pretty much, here’s the tool, and this is what you have. We really feel that SOASTA’s become a great partner of ours in that respect, continuing to move forward with our technology to better increase performance."

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