In preparation for the first holiday buying season on a new technology platform, Myron turned to SOASTA to deliver a positive customer experience under the heaviest loads of the year.


  • Myron Corporation wanted to emulate real user experiences under varied loads with sophisticated tests
  • Tests determined infrastructure could handle more than the capacity forecasted for the peak days


  • CloudTest
  • Services


  • Ensured site could handle holiday season traffic where loads can spike 120%
  • Determined infrastructure could handle twice the capacity forecasted for peak
  • Saved in hardware and headcount investments by optimizing software performance
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Mark Pepin VP Global eCommerce Myron Coporation

"We’ve taken the guesswork out – our calculations with the tests that we’ve done say we look like we can handle more than the capacity that was forecasted for the peak days. That’s very comforting."

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