M-Dot Network prioritizes performance, and wanted to ensure the company site catered to this metric, to maximize revenue and maintain customer loyalty.


  • M-Dot needed a solution that could test an environment hosted entirely in the cloud through Amazon Web Services


  • CloudTest


  • SOASTA certified that the M-Dot system could maintain a response time less than 100ms with 10,000 concurrent lanes of traffic over a 9-hour period
  • M-Dot maintained 1/10th of a second average response time under the heaviest test load
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Mike Kavis CTO M-Dot Network

"Performance is critical for us. A second lost at a store’s POS can cause a loss in the millions of dollars, as well as consumer loyalty — they won’t wait around for a redemption that takes more than seconds to complete. We work on behalf of the retailers and if we slow them down, they kick us out. It’s just that simple."

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