To deliver a seamless retail experience for its customers in-store, online, and on-the-go, Lowe’s set out to build a digital performance center of excellence with SOASTA.


  • Needed to boost site availability and performance
  • Wanted to establish a performance center of excellence
  • Required tools with wider geographic reach and more competitive offering


  • CloudTest
  • TouchTest
  • mPulse
  • Data Science
  • DOC


  • Achieved high availability, from right tests at right level
  • Slashed average page load speed in half with performance measurement
  • Correlated site performance with sales impact using predictive analytics
  • Established data-driven decision making for increased customer focus and revenue with data science
  • Drove ecommerce sales to over a billion with traffic and conversion growth
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Trey Kistler Director of Ecommerce Lowe's

"The one thing to take away is really: make performance part of your culture. Performance has to be first and foremost – on every project, on every effort. Performance can’t be an afterthought."

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