One of the most visited sites in the world during the three-week summer games, the London 2012 website provided live coverage for every event, as well as information on every athlete, sport, and country—it remained in top shape for the games thanks to SOASTA.


  • Six months before the summer games SOASTA began working with the committee to prepare for the 2010 London Games
  • It was imperative that the website not crash or perform slowly as the ticketing website did the prior year



  • Completed 500 tests on website and mobile apps, simulating 400,000 concurrent users
  • Saved cost with precise forecasting, load testing and open source platform
  • Served 431 million visitors, 15 million application downloads and 4.73 billion page views
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Paul Bunnell Lead Web Architect London Olympics

"The testing teams were spread across the globe and utilized CloudTest’s ability to provide real-time results to adapt the testing, something that legacy toolsets are unable to do."

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