With access to millions of households through Vaibhav Global Limited (VGL), Liquidation Channel is a home shopping network offering jewelry, accessories, and home décor. The company's new ecommerce website brought them to load-testing expert SOASTA.


  • Liquidation Channel relies heavily on its online business. After a complete website redesign the company decided to embark on load testing for the first time, but had no in house experience
  • Their application had numerous issues – 72% of the errors were due to HTTP 503 service unavailable errors, while the remaining were a combination of connection resets, connection timeouts, HTTP 504 gateway timeouts, HTTP 404 not found, as well as item our of stock errors


  • CloudTest
  • Services


  • VU Levels quadrupled after SOASTA optimization
  • Site continuously serviced 500-500 simultaneous online customers without any issue
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Prasanta Padhi Director of Infrastructure Services Liquidation Channel

"I never had a single complaint. They did a very good job."

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