With millions of U.S. taxpayers filing tax returns online with TurboTax, Intuit engaged SOASTA to “tax” its website well before the mid-April filing deadline.


  • Intuit needed to load test to confirm website readiness for high continuous use, as well as occasional surges in user traffic


  • CloudTest
  • Services


  • CloudTest On-Demand reached virtual traffic volumes never before attained by Intuit – even as real customers accessed the production site
  • Intuit simulated 200% of anticipated peak load for confidence in site performance on Tax Day
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Dan Bartow Senior Manager of Performance Engineering TurboTax/Intuit

"We were able to quickly and efficiently gauge both performance and availability, and find and fix errors and bottlenecks that we would never have uncovered in our own test lab or with any other solution. This is the most confidence we have ever had in an Intuit system in production – ever!"

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