• Huawei turned to SOASTA seeking assistance in providing continuous integration and robust functional test automation for its business and consumer offering


  • CloudTest
  • TouchTest


  • SOASTA technology ensures the best user experience for Huawei’s Consumer Business Cloud Service, which includes Emotion UI, Open Cloud Platform, and the Huawei App Center for Android-based applications
  • Huawei utilizes SOASTA TouchTest and CloudTest for internal testing of Huawei’s apps, ensuring peak performance and user experiences for its PaaS and IaaS ecosystem

Guoqiang Rong President of Device Cloud Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

"We chose to work with SOASTA because of its unrivaled leadership in cloud and mobile testing. SOASTA continues to outperform the competition by ensuring top application performance and quality user experiences, allowing our developer base to bring their apps to market quickly. Huawei would have needed three companies to accomplish what SOASTA can achieve."

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