Liberty Mutual tasked digital marketing agency, Havas Worldwide, with developing a custom Facebook app that kept Chicago Marathon runners and supporters in touch throughout the race—SOASTA made sure this fast-moving digital exchange worked flawlessly.


  • Liberty Mutual enlisted Havas Worldwide to develop a modern web and mobile FB app that provided participants of the 2014 Chicago Marathon with constant onnection to their friends and family across at 26.2 mile course
  • A week prior to the marathon, Havas engaged SOASTA to ensure successful digital performance at the race


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  • Enhanced the race experience for 3,000 runners and their supporters
  • Tested to 2,000 concurrent users, simulated FB users and supporter responses
  • Created 5.2 million impressions, 160,000 likes, 18,000 messages and 76,000 comments
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Rolando Balcarcel QA Director Havas

"The stakes were high for both Liberty Mutual and Havas. Any glitches would be a less than optimal experience for the runners and their supporters. We would like to do this for all of our clients and show them that there are repercussions if we don’t do load testing."

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