China Taiping Insurance Group Ltd. is a Chinese state-owned financial and insurance group headquartered in Hong Kong. To minimize the risk of delivering poor customer experiences online, it turned to SOASTA for real user monitoring.


  • With thousands of representatives located across a broad geographic area, China Taiping often received complaints of poor system performance, long page load times and slow customer information submissions, especially during peak periods, such as month- or quarter-end
  • China Taiping tried tracking down performance problems using synthetic monitoring, but couldn’t replicate actual user experiences on the sites


  • mPulse


  • Achieved nearly 20% faster page loads after using mPulse
  • Planned to cut load time in half with further optimization
  • Increased site usage by 20% with more efficient performance
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Jiazhi Zheng Development Manager for Software Operations China Taiping Insurance Group

"Through mPulse dashboard, we know the system and application health status and process-time construction as well as the visiting trends of our real customers. We know the customer’s frontend performance so we can figure out optimization strategies accordingly."

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