Luxury online retailer Bonobos prepared its site for increased traffic during the start of online holiday sales.


  • Bonobos ecommerce site went down on Cyber Monday 2011, one of the high end mensware retailer’s peak sales days of the year
  • Bonobos did not want another online retail season riddled with website performance issues. Yet, the company didn’t know where, in its online purchase cycle, customers encountered slows downs and errors


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  • On Cyber Monday 2012, Bonobos handled record sales of 8 times its normal volume of business without any website performance issues, validating its choice of SOASTA the industry leader in web and performance testing
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Michael Hart CTO Bonobos

"As the largest born-on-the-Internet apparel e-commerce company in the US, we are 100% focused on our consumer satisfaction. Working with companies like SOASTA is critical to ensure our website performs to our customer’s expectations, not only on Cyber Monday but all through the year."

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