Avaya engaged SOASTA CloudTest On-Demand to meet growing test requirements within a shrinking test schedule.


  • Avaya's redesigned eSupport web application had to be ready from day one. The company was faced with a diminishing testing timeframe along with growing test requirements
  • Avaya's IT Quality Assurance team turned to SOASTA CloudTest On-Demand to thoroughly test the web application's functionality and performance scale


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  • SOASTA CloudTest is now part of Avaya's ongoing testing strategy for other projects as well as the customer service website
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Virginia Reynolds Sr. Director Global IT QA Avaya

"Before SOASTA, we did not think that a third-party testing provider would be able to build meaningful, data-driven tests. The SOASTA team collaborated with us to develop test scripts and scenarios, and made changes to the data and the tests on the fly as needed."

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