Now available from SOASTA and Microsoft

Now available from SOASTA and Microsoft

Run your performance tests in the Azure Cloud with continuous testing from Visual Studio Team Services!

Major retailers, financial, media customers, and other companies use SOASTA CloudTest to ensure that their sites will perform when customers need them. VSTS-2015 This could be on major retail events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday and throughout the holiday shopping season, or when a commercial airs during a major sporting event like World Cup or the Super Bowl. For others, it’s every Friday when people want to check that their paychecks are correct and deposited at their bank. Whenever your customers demand, your site should be ready.

CloudTest virtual appliance in Azure Marketplace provides the CloudTest performance testing platform in just a few clicks
Azure Marketplace

Integrate CloudTest performance tests into Visual Studio Team Services for continuous testing from development to delivery
Visual Studio Marketplace

CloudTest performance testing using Azure Cloud + >20 other SOASTA Cloud Partners, including AWS, Google Cloud, Rackspace, and others
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