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Why Application Performance Optimization is a Must for Financial Services Providers

Today’s financial services industry is more fast-paced and advanced than ever before. Technology now provides the backbone for nearly every process these organizations carry out – including both business-to-business transactions as well as client-facing operations. In order to ensure that their employees have access to the tools they need and that customers have an enjoyable experience, financial services providers must be able to guarantee that their applications will work as they’re supposed to at all times.

For this reason, and many others, application performance optimization is a must, and SOASTA, alongside its suite of industry-leading solutions, can help financial services providers keep their critical programs performing at their peak.

Customers interact with financial institutions through applications

“The strongest forecaster of overall client retention is the ability to provide a positive customer experience.”

Guaranteeing that the applications staff members use operate efficiently isn’t the only area financial services providers should be focusing on. Customers are now interacting with their banks, credit unions and other providers through mobile and online applications more now than ever before. If these programs don’t provide the experience clients are seeking, they may take their business elsewhere. Recent findings from Capgemini support this, noting that currently, the strongest forecaster of overall client retention is the ability to provide a positive customer experience.

“The true way to earn a customer’s loyal business is to deliver the right experiences: smart and timely cross-sell offers, convenient and responsive mobile apps, data-rich web applications, and more,” SOASTA pointed out in its white paper, Why Digitally-Savvy Financial Institutions Are More Profitable.

Capgemini also discovered that financial organizations that had a robust digital presence were 26 percent more profitable, as well as 9 percent more efficient, than those that were not “digitally mature.” In this way, a top performing application doesn’t just help provide an enjoyable customer experience that breeds loyalty – it can also make the institution more valuable and effective.

Shorter app lifecycle increases demand for peak performance
However, as apps are rolled out faster than ever before, the testing of these applications must be carried out in a more streamlined manner as well. With customer demands continuing to rise, financial services providers are under increasing pressure to address and cater to these needs. This has translated into a shorter lifecycle for the applications being used in this space, as developers create new programs to help ensure that financial services institutions have the information and capabilities they need to provide the best experience possible for customers.

“Financial institutions are using Agile and Scrum methodologies to release more applications in less time,” SOASTA noted. “And that means app testing needs to be more efficient than ever, too.”

With SOASTA’s application performance testing solutions, developers can ensure that their apps will offer the peak performance that today’s financial services institutions need. Solutions for managed testing, automated testing and Real User Monitoring deliver a complete picture of an application’s performance under real-world conditions. This helps testing teams pinpoint any and all issues that could impact performance, giving them the opportunity to address these obstacles and ensure the app will perform at its peak every time.

To find about more about SOASTA’s solutions for the financial services industry, contact SOASTA today.

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