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Page bloat: Would the average 2MB web page fit on older tech?

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Last week, I wrote about the latest stats from the HTTP Archive, which find that the average web page is now more than 2MB in size. I started to wonder how many modern pages would fit on various random older technologies. As it turns out, not many!

I decided to whip up a set of graphics to illustrate how many 2MB pages would fit on a 3.5-inch floppy disk, a circa-1958 IBM 305 RAMAC, a circa-1984 Mac 128K, a circa-1987 Mac SE, and an old-school punchcard:

Thankfully, we’re not trying to store pages or browse the web using any of these pieces of vintage tech, but I think these comparisons give us an eye-opening reminder of how technology has evolved.

And yet two things remain the same: we still long for faster online experiences, while at the same time we seem to get in our own way when it comes to delivering them.

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