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Traditional Vendors Out, New Players Emerge in Cloud Testing

Every recession over the past 30 years has proven to be a forcing function for significant technological change.  In good times, corporations can get a bit careless or lose focus. However, in bad times, corporations go to great lengths to find new levels of cost efficiency in their operations . . . even if it means changing processes and technology that they had used for many years.  This recession is no different, change is beginning to happen, and traditional software vendors are the prime targets. The traditional “License” model employed by traditional software vendors is officially dead with this recession. The “Software as a Service” business model or even more specifically, the “Pay for Use” model, have emerged as clear winners.  IDC recently raised its 2009 projections for the SaaS market. They now expect this segment to grow by more than 40% this year.  This business model shift, coupled with the emergence of the new deployment platform of Cloud Computing will make it very difficult for traditional vendors to maintain their thrones.

Take my business, the test marketplace.  Our market was long dominated by Mercury Interactive which was bought by HP several years ago.   Mercury’s LoadRunner was the ideal tool for testing client-server applications in the late 80’s and 90’s, and its success drove Mercury to its leadership position under a license-based model.  However, a license model that was very expensive ($30k/Test Hour). Today, the world has changed for HP/Mercury. We are all now developing and deploying new and much more dynamic Web applications for consumers around the world. Mercury’s technology, business, and deployment model are looking a bit like Tom Jones performing at a Beyonce concert . . . a little out of place. New test vendors are beginning to emerge as the new leaders of the Cloud Testing market.  This includes new players like SOASTA that deliver a “pay only for test time used” ($1k/Test Hour).  Companies like these are greatly reducing the cost of testing while even enabling more and better quality testing. This is an example of another changing of the guard, made possible by another down economic period and a requirement for greater reliability.

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Tom Lounibos

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Tom Lounibos

As CEO of SOASTA, Tom brings more than 30 years of experience building early stage software companies, leading two companies to successful IPOs. Tom is a regular speaker at both cloud and testing events, and has become a leading advocate in using the cloud to empower individuals and accelerate changes in how applications are built, tested and deployed. Most recently, Tom served as President and CEO of Kenamea. Prior to Kenamea, he was CEO of Dorado Corp., a financial services software provider. Previous to Dorado, he was EVP of Sagent Technology through its 1999 IPO, entrepreneur-in-residence at Crosspoint Venture Partners, and held executive positions at Digitalk Corp., Knowledgeware (KWI) and Encore Financial Services. Tom also serves on several boards in the Silicon Valley.