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TouchTest Lite – Part 1

Written by Fred Beringer

I couldn’t be happier today to announce the general availability of our new TouchTest Lite product. With this new product, not only can you get everything you’ve been using and loving so far, but you get it in your own online instance!

TouchTest by SOASTA

Not familiar with TouchTest? This is what you get FOR FREE!

  • Out of the box support for EVERY gesture to recreate the real-user experience, even the most COMPLEX
    • Record the user experience on REAL devices NOT on a PC interface using mouse and keyboard
    • 55 distinct gestures and app actions supported with precision across iOS/Android, Native, Hybrid and Mobile Web
  • Native access to EVERY internal object and UI Element of the application
    • Best in the world native object locators to identify objects and create the most meaningful and robust validations
    • Tests relying on object validations are fully reusable across different version of the app, devices and OS
  • Inside the App image validation
    • Full screen, partial area, and locator based image validations to cover all possible use cases and extend test coverage
    • Fastest image validations engine across all competitors. 10 times faster than OCR.
  • 100% visual test creation environment
    • No cryptic scripting language required. Easy to learn by anyone, developers and testers
    • Drag & Drop Visual programming constructs to create the most robust tests
  • Out of the box and ready to use test components
    • Inputs, prebuilt output, prebuilt intelligent waits, prebuilt validations and accessors. They will get used in EVERY single test and will accelerate the creation of tests by a factor of 10. 100+ intelligent components are ready to be used
  • Fastest test execution and validation engine on the market
    • Reduce by 90% any test cycle without any risk of human error
    • Run thousands of tests on hundred of devices in minutes
  • Integration with all major Continuous Integration Framework (Jenkins, Bamboo, etc.)
    • Allows for no touch 100% automation
    • From Jenkins, push and remove apps on the device, reboot and reset the device without any human intervention. Every manual step is reduced to zero for maximum process compression.

On top of those awesome capabilities, we wanted to provide you with a dedicated online environment where you can use and leverage TouchTest for all your mobile automation requirements for FREE and FOREVER. You can get started by registering your free TouchTest Lite online instance here:

Brad Johnson

About the Author

Brad Johnson

Brad is a cloud-testing pioneer who joined SOASTA in December 2008. His former roles as head of test and monitoring products at Compuware, Mercury Interactive and Borland prepared him well to disrupt the skeptical and established software quality market with updated approaches and technologies for continuous web and mobile testing.