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Tips to help guarantee e-commerce success

This week, as thousands of e-commerce companies converge on Chicago for the Internet Retail Conference, the industry is more competitive than ever. As customers increasingly trade in trips to the store for trips to their laptops, the trend of online shopping is definitely here to stay.

However, this is no secret within the current business landscape. Organizations and entrepreneurs are noticing the power of a robust online platform, focusing on the user experience and are branching out to start e-commerce companies of their own. This intensifies the competition within the market, as Internet-only businesses seek to compete with big box stores’ online offerings.

While competing with well-established companies may seem an insurmountable task in its own right, there are a few tips and tricks that businesses can employ to ensure the success of their e-commerce initiatives.

Start with a functioning online platform
The heart of any e-commerce company is the platform on which customers connect to the organization. Without a website that is reliable and usable, organizations will have little hope of success. For this reason, it is critical to ensure that all features and functionalities of the website are designed to maximize the customers’ online experience.

This is where Web performance testing comes into play. SOASTA’s scalable and cost-effective performance testing solution helps e-commerce companies ensure that their website is not only functional, but can also pinpoint areas that may require changes or improvements. By providing access to scalable testing conditions and visual, virtual environments, development and operational managers are able to gain actionable insight as to the true surface-level and inner workings of their website.

Design with this in mind: Customers can’t touch the products
One of the biggest challenges any e-commerce firm must get past is the fact that shoppers can’t physically touch or experience the offerings in person.

“This is one of the disadvantages for any e-commerce company, as opposed to a brick-and-mortar brand,” Venture Beat stated. “Experiencing something in-person can be critical for conversions and sales.”

However, by understanding this challenge from the beginning, e-commerce groups can design their websites to address it. Using a visually appealing framework and an aesthetic presentation of products is essential to ensure that customers have the best idea possible of the product without actually seeing it in person. The company should provide as many details as they can about the item in the description and choose photos and imagery that showcase it effectively.

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