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There’s Nothing Cloudy About Testing in Production

I recently read a blog post on @CiscoCloud written by Nick Earle (@nearle), titled: “Why Hybrid Cloud Delivers better Business Agility.”

There were some great points in the post, and there is one that sticks out like a Cumulonimbus thunderhead on a hot, sticky South Florida summer afternoon that I’d like to explore further.

Hybrid Cloud Blog Post Image

That point is the one around using the cloud in the Dev/Test scenario (and whether it’s public, private, or hybrid for the purposes of my discussion is a moot point).

Certainly using the cloud to drive load into a test environment isn’t new anymore. Using this same cloud to drive load into production has been something that SOASTA, with it’s CloudTest product, has been doing successfully since 2008 to the tune of over 10 Million tests executed to date. And counting…

I wholeheartedly buy-in to the basic philosophy of the blog, “own the base, rent the spike.” That “spike” is load being generated from the cloud to simulate user traffic.

In the Dev/Test scenario, the real “spike” is the load, is it not?

The only time it doesn’t make sense to test in production is if your testing configuration (e.g. environment, tools, etc.) has the ability to bring down production, right? And the only way that you can bring down production is by not having real-time visibility into what impact your test is having on the environment—during the test—from the analytics provided by the performance testing environment and the technology that you are using to drive the test.

My take away here is that if you have the innovation and thought leadership in your organization to understand that the cloud is your friend, then continue along that path with your performance testing solutions. Find the one that gives you real-time analytics during your test, and get rid of the technology that is forcing you to own and to rent your own base—the data center. That in my mind delivers business agility.

We speak from the experience of having conducted 10 Million tests (and still counting).

Here’s a sneak peek:

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Performance IS Everything. SOASTA.

Dan Boutin

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