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The Significance of SOASTA CloudTest Grid

With the release of CloudTest Pro, SOASTA’s customers now have direct access to one of my favorite capabilities as a SOASTA performance engineer: the CloudTest Grid. The CloudTest Grid continues our success in reducing the cost, complexity and time to results for performance testing websites and applications.

Like any other engineer, a performance engineer needs timely access to professional tools before they can add real tangible value; i.e. delivering evidence as to whether or not a website or application will meet target responsiveness and scalability requirements, and help identify bottlenecks and their root cause. Not only does the engineer need access to professional tools, the tools need to be suitable for the job.

Most performance testing tools require significant capital investment in licensed software and hardware infrastructure, as well as ongoing maintenance costs just to test what is typically a scaled-down version of a production environment. This may have been appropriate for the internally facing applications of the past where user numbers have been counted in the tens or hundreds. However today’s web applications are delivering the next generation of dynamic content to an extraordinary number of global users every day. Keeping pace with the speed and agility of today’s web development initiatives requires a new generation of testing and performance management solutions.

Before joining SOASTA I found that it was becoming increasingly difficult to help organizations justify investing in traditional performance testing tools simply due to the cost and complexity of these offerings. Often, by the time a business case had been constructed and a flexible commercial model agreed upon the initial requirement for testing had passed.

These challenges have led to cloud testing as a way to reduce costs and provide the benefits of scale and more accurate testing. However, there remained the challenge of how to best leverage the distributed nature of the cloud and optimize deployment to be as efficient as possible.

With CloudTest Grid, performance engineers can deploy hundreds, or even thousands of load servers around the globe in a matter of minutes. The servers are automatically spread across locations and cloud providers to meet the requirements of each specific test, and the Grid takes care of all error checking and fail-over to replace any bad instances or get additional capacity from other locations, as needed. Once deployed, the servers are monitored throughout testing to track their health and ensure the Grid is operating as expected.

With SOASTA CloudTest Grid it is possible to provision a complete test environment, when required, and just for the period of time that is needed, which significantly reduces the time to test. We routinely perform tests involving tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of simulated real users. Combined with our industry leading performance analytics SOASTA CloudTest delivers increased business value over traditional testing tools at a fraction of the cost with significantly improved time to value.

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