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The New Face of Quality

Written by Tom Lounibos

Amazingly, not much has changed over the past 20 years in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant when it comes to software quality suites.  Which is truly amazing given the level of innovation and change that we have seen throughout the application lifecycle over that same period of time.

Let’s take a stroll down the application lifecycle memory lane.   In the 1990’s, applications were called “client server”, as it would still be a few years before the commercialization of the Internet began.   Most applications were forms-based departmental applications that were rarely upgraded.  End users were employees, and even at peak hours, there were only a few hundred or so using the system at the same time.  And, they usually worked from corporate offices on company workstations.  Ensuring quality user experiences was dependent on having a large test team who were experts in using test tools from Mercury Interactive, who in 1993 first appeared as a Leader in Gartner’s MQ for Software Quality.

How We Got Here
Today, delivering quality user experiences has changed dramatically.   To start with, users are consumers who are rarely local but increasingly global and mobile.  Apps today are continuously being updated and modified with dynamic content and new user interfaces, and they are deployed on servers that are rented and reside in a cloud.

So back in 2008, we created a new technology and business model in anticipation of these changes. CloudTest was developed with a completely different approach to traditional web performance testing solutions. First, we knew speed was important. No longer could testing take weeks or months; it had to happen fast, keeping up with the new pace of mobile and web development. Second, it had to scale, from 100s of users to millions, in a single city or around the globe. Lastly, it needed to be affordable so applications could be tested daily at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions.

So, surprisingly, even though delivering quality user experiences has never been more difficult, not much had shifted in the Gartner MQ for Software Quality.

All that changed when SOASTA became the first “new” software quality vendor to be added to the Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites Leadership Quadrant since Mercury Interactive in 1993. Indeed, the face of quality is evolving, and we are incredibly proud and humbled to be that face of change. This honor has inspired each and every SOASTAN to work even harder to live up to this new responsibility. Thank you, Gartner, for shining the light on our technology and on our customers!

Brad Johnson

About the Author

Brad Johnson

Brad is a cloud-testing pioneer who joined SOASTA in December 2008. His former roles as head of test and monitoring products at Compuware, Mercury Interactive and Borland prepared him well to disrupt the skeptical and established software quality market with updated approaches and technologies for continuous web and mobile testing.