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Testing and user monitoring in one: SOASTA combines CloudTest and mPulse

It seems there is a solution for everything these days. However, having siloed systems in place can make projects using this technology a bit more difficult. We at SOASTA recognized this issue and took significant strides to address it by combining two of our industry-leading solutions into a single, all-encompassing platform. Now, our CloudTest technology incorporates the best features from mPulse, allowing users to harness the power of performance and load testing and real user monitoring from a single platform.

"With these two solutions now accessible in a singular manner, companies can gain a complete picture of the customer experience as well as the impact it has on essential analytics." 

With these two solutions now accessible in one location, organizations can gain a complete picture of the customer experience as well as the impact it has on transaction volumes, online profits, conversion rates and other essential analytics. Leveraging the CloudTest and mPulse combo also significantly streamlines processes for business leaders, particularly in terms of carrying out tests and speeding time to market.

"For any digital business owner, being able to view all their performance data in a single pane of glass and use it to make key business decisions is a game changer," said SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos. "By aligning DevOps and business teams around real-time information from multiple sources, digital businesses can make their optimized user experience a competitive advantage, rather than taking a defensive approach when apps and websites stop performing to expected levels."

The best capabilities available in a single solution
By incorporating mPulse into our award-winning CloudTest solution, users are offered new capabilities, including the ability to access predictive performance metrics and analysis in conjunction with cloud-based load testing and valuable visualizations. In addition, clients can also measure and gather information about real user's performance profiles to see how this activity affects the business. Companies also have the ability to utilize the SOASTA Data Science Workbench, which offers an unparalleled tool for examining and analyzing big data related to website performance in the frame of data science.

mPulse provides a range of valuable metrics that can be leveraged for meaningful test parameters, including peak user traffic by the second as well as the most common types of traffic on each browser. In addition, the solution offers a look at the geographical distribution of users, the most common paths users take to connect with the website as well as the most profitable paths.

With these capabilities available via a single platform, there's no need to jump around from system to system in order to pinpoint metrics for building and running tests. With our new CloudTest that incorporates mPulse, developers are better able to focus their efforts on what matters.

To find out more about the new CloudTest, contact SOASTA today.

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