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Testing 1.1 Million Concurrent Users from 8 Global Locations

Just like any other day at a fast moving company like SOASTA, you never know what you’re going to find when you turn a corner.  Today, I walked around the corner and saw a bunch of product and performance engineers in our biggest conference room.  The projector was running and everyone was staring at the screen, which had a CloudTest dashboard up on it.  So I stick my head in, look at the dashboard, and what do I find?  A one million, one hundred and four thousand concurrent user test running for one of our customers.  Whoa!

This rocks on so many levels.  First, that’s a lot of load on any system.  Two, it’s being launched from 8 different data centers around the world, including multiple Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 locations.  Among them, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, Chicago, San Antonio, and others. Perhaps most impressive in this whole setup, though, is the fact that each of our load servers were running 3,000 users apiece… with lots of headroom.

Check out the CloudTest dashboard.  The future of performance testing is so bright.

Screenshot of the CloudTest Dashboard from SOASTA

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