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Test the performance of iOS 8 applications with SOASTA

For months before its actual release, there was a considerable amount of industry buzz surrounding the iPhone 6 and its new operating system, iOS 8. Apple touts the OS as “huge for developers, massive for everyone else,” and the development community has been quick to take notice. However, as teams work to develop applications for the new platform, they need robust testing solutions to ensure their creations work properly for iOS 8 users.

This is where SOASTA comes in, with our best-in-class mobile application testing solutions available on the SOASTA platform. SOASTA has long been a leader in the application testing arena, and has maintained this status by providing mobile app testing support for all iOS 8 devices from the day of the its release. This ensures that developers don’t have to stall to test the performance of their iOS 8 targeted applications, and users need not wait long to use effective applications on their new devices.

The release of iPhone 6 and iOS 8
Since the release of the new iPhone 6 models and iOS 8 on Sept. 19, consumers have rushed to purchase the new devices or update their Apple devices to use the new operating system. In fact, CNET noted that Apple broke records with this most recent device launch, selling more than 10 million units of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus within the first weekend of its availability.

“The iPhone 6 has the potential to be the biggest launch in Apple’s 38-year history,” predicted CNET contributor Shara Tibken.

Reportedly, the company has asked that 70 to 80 million of the larger-screen iPhone models be produced before the end of the year. SOASTA research has shown that consumers are increasingly looking for devices with larger screens, as 74 percent of Americans said the bigger display can improve their online shopping experiences, for example. An additional 79 percent of Millennials agreed, noting that larger screens allow for better browsing and comparison shopping, boosting their likeliness of purchase.

With so many new devices equipped with the new operating system, consumers are looking for new applications to use alongside them. In this way, developers are looking to create apps that leverage the best of the new platform’s capabilities, including the features only available on the iOS 8.

According to Apple, the operating system update comes with a number of new additions, including the ability to add voice to text messages, improved photo taking and finding capabilities, as well as the option to connect fitness apps to enable communication among the device owner’s trainer and doctor. The update also comes equipped with new keyboard abilities and more options to share content on social media and other platforms.

What’s more is that there are already a collection of applications that have been built especially for the new devices and operating systems. And this trend will no doubt continue as even more consumers update their older Apple devices, or purchase the newly released ones.

Offering performance testing from day one
With a typical device launch, the development community would have to wait weeks, if not months, for performance testing support. This can considerably stall the launch of a new application. Or, worse, force developers to jailbreak devices for testing purposes.

“Mobile user experiences are driving testing requirements beyond anything seen with traditional software development,” noted Melinda Ballou, IDC Application Lifecycle Management and Executive Strategies Services program director. “Test automation must be reliable and adapt to new form factors as fast as they become available.”

Thankfully, with the landmark release of Apple’s new products, this is not the case. SOASTA has provided mobile application performance testing solutions that are specifically compatible with iOS 8 devices since the day the operating system was released.

Our mobile test automation solution, TouchTest, enables QA teams to establish cross-form factor tests specifically for apps that run on a variety of devices, including iPhones and iPads. CloudTest allows engineers to scale their tests, stressing the system to see how it performs with millions of users leveraging it at once. And our Real User Monitoring solution, mPulse, offers a real-time view of performance.

These solutions ensure that applications created just for the new operating system will work as they should, offering a positive end user experience for iOS 8 device owners, and bolstering the development organization’s market position.

“Responsive approaches that minimize the time needed to test can accelerate app development to help companies maintain competitiveness in the digitized marketplace,” Ballou said.

SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos agreed, noting that SOASTA has continually been at the forefront of application performance testing. While testing is an important aspect of any application, the ability to quickly test and make apps available to consumers is especially critical in the e-commerce sector.

“We don’t want a single hour of testing to be missed because automation can’t keep up,” Lounibos said. “In mobile commerce, even a millisecond can mean millions in lost revenue.”

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