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Millennials, holiday shopping, user experience and web performance expectations

If you’re an online retailer, you don’t need anyone to tell you that you’re entering a critical season for your business. What you may not know is that, this year, millennial shoppers are coming into their own as a primary holiday spending group. With that in mind, here are some key stats about millennials’ spending habits and – […]

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How SOASTA and Google used machine learning to predict bounce rate and conversions

If you’re ever offered a chance to throw a million or so beacon’s worth of user data into a Google-developed machine-learning system, I highly recommend you say yes. That’s what we did here at SOASTA, when Google approached us a year ago about partnering on a pioneering research project. The results have been eye-opening. In this […]

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stats you should know about mobile web performance

One year ago, Google announced that it was expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Last month, it announced that, beginning in May, it would be rolling out new changes that “increase the effect of the ranking signal to help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly”.

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‘Tis the season… to deliver the best possible online experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

Black Friday is behind us, but chances are you’re still hunkered down and focused on web performance for the remainder of the holiday season. And for good reason. The internet has become an integral part of so many things we do during our holiday downtime… looking up recipes, buying movie tickets, video-chatting with loved ones (not […]

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