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SOASTA Digital Performance Management Fall 16 release: new features

At SOASTA, we care about ensuring that your sites and apps are always up and running. We help you get the visibility into web performance you need from a variety of perspectives — IT, business, and user experience — in order to understand how your site’s speed and availability affect your users, and ultimately your business. […]

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New features in CloudTest and TouchTest: JMeter, Git version control, and iOS 3D Touch

Unexpected traffic surges and non-performant pages can wreak havoc on your users — and ultimately on your business. At SOASTA, we care about ensuring that your site is always up and running as smoothly as possible. That’s why we’re excited about the Spring 2016 release of our Digital Performance Management (DPM) platform. We listened to […]

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SOASTA TouchTest Welcomes iOS7

Written by Fred Beringer Last week, Apple officially launched the seventh version of its operating system. iOS7 brings a lot of UX innovation as well as a major overhaul of the UI. A lot of companies have been busy making changes to their mobile applications in order to be ready for the big day. iOS […]

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TouchTest Lite – Part 2

Written by Fred Beringer Because yesterday was a very special day for TouchTest enthusiasts, we’ve packed your preferred automation production with some amazing NEW capabilities! Clip editor usability enhancements  We want developers and testers to spend time designing tests, not building them. TouchTest provides a 100% visual environment for fast test creation, and with this new […]

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