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17 essential skills for growing web performance engineers

Performance engineering as a discipline goes back several decades. I’ve heard firsthand accounts of testing and optimization of software from the 1960s. Still, much of what we practice today has built up in the last twenty years or so, since the first generation of commercial performance testing tools started appearing. It can be hard to describe […]

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Performance Testing Strategies for Seasonal Readiness [ebook]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas — or at least Halloween — and we’re barely into October. And you know that as soon as the Halloween merchandise is off the shelves, it’ll be replaced for what for many retailers is the largest retail sales time of the year. Are you ready? Even if retail isn’t your business, […]

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Back room web performance testing lab

Recently, I’ve been spending many days on-site with one of SOASTA’s long time partner/customers, Erick Leon — Office Depot’s resident performance engineering guru — as Office Depot continues its evolution towards the next phase of digital transformation: digital performance management (DPM). Naturally, over the years that we’ve worked together, Erick and I have shared stories of our mutual journeys in […]

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