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Mobile load testing: The next phase in mobile testing

I was at the O’Reilly Velocity and STPCon performance/testing conferences recently, where I spoke about a process you can follow to develop a testing plan for your mobile app. This process is based on gathering information that you need in order to: Know your users Know your app Know your matrix Know your devices Know your performance Know […]

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New features in CloudTest and TouchTest: JMeter, Git version control, and iOS 3D Touch

Unexpected traffic surges and non-performant pages can wreak havoc on your users — and ultimately on your business. At SOASTA, we care about ensuring that your site is always up and running as smoothly as possible. That’s why we’re excited about the Spring 2016 release of our Digital Performance Management (DPM) platform. We listened to […]

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Today is an exciting day here at SOASTA: it’s the Winter 2016 release of our Digital Performance Management (DPM) platform! The SOASTA DPM platform consists of five key technologies – mPulse, CloudTest, TouchTest, Digital Operations Center (DOC) and Data Science Workbench – that work together to provide continuous performance testing, measurement, and analytics.

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