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history of website performance monitoring ROI

I’ve been researching and writing about the intersection of web performance, user experience, and business metrics for many years now, but it was only recently that I gave some thought to the history of how we got from knowing little to nothing less than ten years ago to where we are today. While there’s still […]

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Back to school: website performance monitoring

What’s the performance “sweet spot” — defined as the page load time that yields the peak conversion rate — for any given site? It’s a fascinating question because there’s no single answer. The sweet spot can change from day to day (or even from time of day to time of day), from region to region, […]

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website performance monitoring at Nordstrom

I recently had the pleasure of doing an O’Reilly webcast with Gopal Brugalette, senior performance engineer at Gopal is also a woodworker, farmer, and former nuclear physicist — but that merits an entire separate webcast. 😉 The topic of our talk was how to get your site ready for holidays and special events. You […]

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