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Back room web performance testing lab

Recently, I’ve been spending many days on-site with one of SOASTA’s long time partner/customers, Erick Leon — Office Depot’s resident performance engineering guru — as Office Depot continues its evolution towards the next phase of digital transformation: digital performance management (DPM). Naturally, over the years that we’ve worked together, Erick and I have shared stories of our mutual journeys in […]

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The 5 phases of performance maturity

In my last post I discussed the importance of building a performance culture and the common traits of first-class teams to drive that culture across the organization. The first step in reaching any destination is to understand your starting point. This post establishes a framework for assessing the state of your organization’s commitment to performance. The goal […]

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Digital performance management: business, technology, and user experience (UX) metrics

One of the most surprising lessons I’ve learned since joining SOASTA is that the data analytics world is still learning some difficult lessons – the same difficult lessons that distributed systems development learned a decade ago. One of the most interesting of these is the effects of Conway’s Law on the way data systems are designed, and […]

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Why Digital Performance Management will be a game changer for online retailers

Amidst the hustle and bustle that was the recent eTail West, one thing was clear to me: many online retailers haven’t figured out the empirical relationship between customer experience and digital performance. Why? Many brands simply do not pay much attention to the infrastructure that powers their digital business. Yet behind every interaction between consumers and […]

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The Three Musketeers of digital performance management: Real, synthetic and virtual users

Alexandre Dumas’s classic portrayal of a young man seeking to join the elite guard of his day seems an unlikely source of inspiration for a blog post about digital performance management, but there’s something about groups of three — each balancing the others’ strengths and weaknesses — that makes a great team. And, while most […]

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