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Speed and Completeness

There’s a common premise heard from business school to the boardroom: Quality, Service and Price, pick two. The notion is that no company can consistently provide high-quality products at the lowest price and with the highest level of service. In any competitive market, that’s likely to be an accurate assertion, certainly as goods become commoditized. In testing, there are similar tradeoffs to consider: coverage vs. time to test, accuracy vs. cost, manual vs. automated, and frequency of testing vs. managing logistics are a few examples.

Cloud testing, and CloudTest in particular, has proven to close the gap in many of these classic compromises. Speed, agility and completeness are not necessarily mutually exclusive as illustrated by the experience of SOASTA’s customers.

For example, last year SOASTA responded to an RFP for a Fortune 50 retailer undertaking an 8-month project to recreate its ecommerce site. Based on its experience with previous tools, it had specified 68 performance test sessions over the course of the project. CloudTest proved to be the best product for the job and the decision makers were also intrigued by the offer of unlimited testing, made possible by the ease and economics of cloud testing with SOASTA. As a result, while the team originally expected scheduling, price and logistics to limit the number of tests they could run, it ended up executing nearly 1,500 performance tests during the life of the project!

Another retailer expected to test weekly during preparation for the holiday selling season and ended up testing 2-3 times a week, dramatically increasing its confidence as Black Friday arrived. And it’s not just frequency. One SOASTA customer expected to be able to test two properties during their prime testing period and ended up testing eight properties over the course of four months because CloudTest made it possible.

This has been a recurring theme over the last few years at SOASTA. The speed with which we can test, complemented by an affordable platform has served to greatly reduce many of the classic testing compromises.


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