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SOASTA 55 delivers new CloudTest and TouchTest features to enhance your performance testing

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SOASTA 55 update is now available. Check out some of the amazing new features to meet and surpass your performance testing needs!

User interface improvements

From the moment you log in, you will see the changes. SOASTA 55 brings a new look and organization to CloudTest and TouchTest. If you also use mPulse, you’ve already seen this new interface, starting from the login screen:

55 LoginCT Resources








The New Resources pages for CloudTest and TouchTest provide quick access to how-to videos, documentation, blog posts, downloads, and other resources.

Baseline performance comparisons

A recent addition to CloudTest, this dashboard makes it easy to compare load and performance tests against tests that have been chosen as the baseline performance. Test results that are within a defined variance or better than baseline appear colored green, while results that are outside of your defined variance from baseline can be coded as yellow or red depending on the variance amount.

CT Baseline

Learn more: New CloudTest feature: Web Performance Analysis Dashboard with Baseline Comparison

Remote device integration

TT RTKSince the recent delivery of the remote device cloud for TouchTest, you can now access the remote device cloud interface in the TouchTest panel. The integrated view provides full access to the Remote Test Kit service. You can choose to access the public device cloud, with more than 300 iOS and Android devices, as well as your company’s private device cloud if your company has chosen this option for exclusive access to a pool of devices for testing.


CT GlobalizationCloudTest and TouchTest are now both localized and available in Simplified Chinese and Japanese. To switch languages, access the language menu in the upper right corner.

Dashboard sharing

Many testers want to share test results dashboards with teammates or management. Now you can send a dashboard URL to others and they can open the dashboard to view the results, even while the test is still in progress.

To share a dashboard, click the share icon:

CT Share Dashboard

And choose whether you want to share only the current dashboard, or the dashboard and the navigation bar, and copy the URL for sharing.

CT Share Dashboard2

Cache dynamic resources

As most web pages have dynamic content, we have switched the default from static to cache dynamic resources when recording load test scripts. You can still easily select static when needed.

Additional enhancements

There are more enhancements in the SOASTA 55 release. Read the complete SOASTA 55 Release Notes for all the details.

Ready to upgrade to SOASTA 55?

If you have a cloud instance, please go to CloudTest Manager to upgrade directly to SOASTA 55.

For those with appliances or CloudTest Lite, see the About section of your account for instructions on how to update to this release.

For more information on all the features and fixes in SOASTA 55, please see the SOASTA 55 Release Notes.

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