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SOASTA Partners With NTT Resonant to Expand Global Device Access for Performance Testing

SOASTA and NTT Resonant have announced a strategic partnership that now provides increased mobile device access to power SOASTA’s TouchTest solution. This partnership will see a combination of SOASTA and NTT Resonant’s resources, allowing for a complete solution that includes cloud-based access to devices for manual testing, automated continuous integration and performance analysis.

A look at NTT Resonant
NTT Resonant is a member of the NTT Group of Japan, initially launching its Web portal in 1997. Over the years, the firm has worked to bolster its search engine and Web portal services, offering Web content and mobile applications to its Japanese enterprise clients.

On a global sphere, the company provides cloud-based mobile app testing through its Remote TestKit solution.

“Remote TestKit is well adopted as a platform to access a variety of smartphones from the cloud in financial, gaming and Web service provider industries. Remote TestKit users can build a test environment using our API, ABD Connect or iOS Bridge,” explained Masahiro Wakai, president and CEO of NTT Resonant.

Integrated testing solutions
Now, customers can harness the power of SOASTA TouchTest alongside NTT Resonant’s Remote TestKit through an integrated system. This enables users to establish both manual and automated mobile app tests, which are then carried out as needed in the cloud through hundreds of actual mobile devices.

Currently, the industry is in need of more robust testing solutions, particularly those that provide access to real devices for valuable testing insights.

“The ever-changing device landscape and increasing complexity of mobile applications has created an explosion in the mobile applications testing matrix,” noted Melinda Ballou, IDC’s Application Lifecycle Management and Executive Strategies Service program director. “The dynamic and continuous nature of mobile application development requires testing solutions to scale seamlessly as demand increases for mobile deliver that is increasingly business critical.”

Robust capabilities
Through this partnership, clients now have access to a range of new capabilities for mobile app testing in both manual and automated trials. Users are able to manage hundreds of devices available for remote testing without needing administrative powers or ownership of the endpoints. In this way, testing teams can carry out parallel app installation to remote devices and record each gesture and motion during the tests.

In addition, tests can be launched in one-on-many as well as many-to-many environments at the same time. This streamlines the measurement of functionality and performance, as teams are able to view the actual user experience on thousands of devices at once. The integrated solution also provides a seamless on-ramp to enable test automation and continuous integration for hands-free regression testing.

Expansion to global markets
In addition to providing new capabilities for clients, the partnership also enables both SOASTA and NTT Resonant to expand their global footprints into Asia, EMEA and North America.

“Mobile device type and usage is different regionally, and NTT Resonant brings knowledge and access to global markets,” noted SOASTA co-founder and CEO Tom Lounibos. “With this new partnership, the combination of the SOASTA TouchTest platform with cloud-based device access from NTT will enable our customers to meet and exceed the user experience expectations of mobile app users worldwide.”

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