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SOASTA joins DevOps Express industry group to break down walls between development, testing and operations

Today SOASTA joins in the announcement of the DevOps Express alliance of thirteen companies. Our common goal: to streamline the way enterprises transform their software development and delivery environment to DevOps.

DevOps Express: Helping customers adopt DevOps

The charter members of DevOps Express are vendors — such as CloudBees, Sonatype, Chef, GitHub, and DevOps Institute — spanning multiple solution categories. All of us work together to provide technologies, consulting, training and professional services to help IT organizations adopt DevOps practices.

Together, we’ll help answer questions such as:

  • Where do I start — with people, process or technology?
  • What does a typical DevOps stack look like?
  • How can I learn from industry leaders and others who have already started their transformation?
  • How can I minimize risk that something won’t work?
  • How do I ensure that different vendor technologies will work together in my environment?

For years, SOASTA has been helping customers move to continuous load testing, to shift their performance testing right into production, and left into development, as well as to help break down the walls between development, testing, and operations. We believe that business also plays a key role at this table, as the goal of successful DevOps is to drive business success.

DOWNLOAD: A collection of free DevOps guides and ebooks

To the DevOps Express community, SOASTA will be contributing articles, videos, blog posts and white papers on the latest technologies, trends, and best practices to make testing continuous, from development to production and beyond.

We look forward to working with you — our current and future customers — directly and with DevOps Express to accelerate your path to DevOps.

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