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SOASTA CloudTest: We’re Splunkers, too!

How to integrate Splunk with SOASTA CloudTest

As our customers already know, performance is everything here at SOASTA. As part of this performance mantra, our customers have grown accustomed to using CloudTest’s powerful, real-time dashboards and deep analytics engine during their performance tests.

To that end, customers are always asking us, “I already have [fill in the APM or other data analysis tool here]. Can I see that data in the CloudTest® dashboard with my performance test results data?”

To that we answer, “Well, yes.”

This blog post is the first in a series on the integrations that SOASTA has provided with CloudTest for those customers that are looking to integrate APM, data analysis, or other types of monitoring data into the CloudTest dashboard during live performance tests.

Got Splunk?

A recent example of this is a CloudTest and Splunk integration we helped with at a large media company.

The use case

A SOASTA CloudTest customer — also a Splunk user with no other APM solution — desired to get visibility into underlying services calls. These calls supported all web services and RESTful services that supported the customers business services and third party services.

Many of these applications spanned multiple domains — including IT Operations, security and marketing — and the customer wanted to distinguish between internal performance and third party performance issues.

Solution and results

Since Splunk does not have a real-time data collection engine, any data collected cannot be displayed real-time during an actual CloudTest performance test. However, this data can be pulled within minutes of data collection from an actual test and then be presented on a dashboard within CloudTest.

The method for this is to use the Splunk API to create a test clip with the desired data search query and the desired output from Splunk inside a test composition in CloudTest which pulls the Splunk data and overlays that data on top of CloudTest data on a CloudTest dashboard.

An example of that dashboard with the Splunk data is here:

Splunk Blog Post Image 1

An example showing CloudTest Data with the Splunk data aligned with the Test Composition timing/test results:

Splunk Blog Post Image 2


This integration is an example of the many types of data that SOASTA’s CloudTest customers are able to bring into a single pane of glass within their own Digital Operations Center — with CloudTest acting as the maestro with its garageband-like ability to runs tests like beautiful music, via compositions and clips.

Stay tuned to this blog for future examples of how SOASTA’s customers are using the powerful dashboard and analytics engine of CloudTest to be able to provide instant analysis into performance tests and use that data to optimize for the best user experience.

Any questions, or wish to see a deeper dive? Let me know and I’m happy to set you up.

Dan Boutin

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Dan Boutin

Dan is the Vice President of Digital Strategy for SOASTA. In this role, Dan is responsible taking the world's first Digital Performance Management (DPM) solution to market as a trusted advisor for SOASTA's strategic customers, and changing the way ecommerce organizations approach the marketplace.

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