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SOASTA and CA Technologies team up to release new offering

As organizations move toward an increasingly connected and mobile world, demands for robust continuous testing practices are on the rise. Developers need to see how their programs will perform in real-world situations before they release them. But as testing needs continue to surge, they create a unique set of challenges. SOASTA is here to help, and our recently announced alignment with CA Technologies is a natural fit for enabling continuous testing from development throughout operations.

Setting up testing environments
Two issues affecting application and website development are the cost and complications involved in establishing a real-world testing environment. Application developers can't just develop their individual components and let them loose – they must ensure that all functions work properly and perform as they should, not just in isolation, but with everyone's code, and in increasingly realistic and higher scale environments.

"Complex applications, heterogeneous systems and the costs of setting up test environments challenge an organization's ability to conduct integration tests," noted IBM. "The new pressures of faster delivery, the proliferation of mobile applications and dependence on third party systems further complicates integrated testing in software activities."

However, when testing challenges emerge, it is helpful to have a partner that can provide solutions to address developers' needs. Our CloudTest platform provides rapid, real-scale testing that allows developers and testers to conduct realistic user scenarios to gauge how apps will operate under any load condition. This ability, partnered with real-time analytics, offers actionable information during testing that enables every stakeholder instant feedback to optimize user experiences.

Benefits of service virtualization
CloudTest has always been used for iterative load testing from lab to production. Through a new agreement with CA Technologies, we now offer a solution to enable better testing earlier and more often: CA LISA Cloud Test. This system marries the capabilities of CloudTest to virtualize every user experience to any scale with all the benefits of CA's service virtualization to simulate aspects of an application that are still under development or unavailable for testing. You can now run end-to-end tests of your system much earlier, and at greater scale, than before.

In addition to addressing some of the major challenges that crop up during the testing phase, service virtualization offers a number of other benefits, including a faster time-to-market. Many developers may try to speed through the testing process to get their product out to the masses more quickly. This can create functionality issues that could have been spotted during tests. With service virtualization, however, certain testing constraints can be effectively eliminated, and time-to-market can be improved by up to 50 percent.

Service virtualization also has the potential to considerably reduce infrastructure costs stemming from establishing test environments. Instead of paying out the nose to establish a lab infrastructure, purchase hardware and software licenses, and configure the entire system, developers can instead leverage a virtual environment and test early and often with the CA LISA Cloud Test solution.

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