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SOASTA Adds Web UI/Ajax Testing to SOASTA CloudTest®

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — January 29, 2008 — SOASTA, a leading provider of test automation solutions for Web applications and services, today announced a new, enhanced release of its Web testing application, SOASTA CloudTest®. SOASTA CloudTest now supports Web UI/Ajax testing ensuring Ajax-based Web applications and services meet the reliability and performance demanded by today’s Web 2.0 business requirements. With this release SOASTA delivers the best, most powerful cross-browser Web UI/Ajax testing solution available today.

“Ajax provides a more dynamic and rich interface than traditional browser technology. It adds an entirely new dimension to the Web, making Web UI/Ajax testing really difficult. As we move to this more complex architecture, there are more things to test and therefore, more things that can go wrong,” said Tom Lounibos, CEO, SOASTA. “We’re responding to customer demand by integrating Web UI/Ajax capabilities into SOASTA CloudTest. With this support, users have one tool that enables them to seamlessly test every layer of any Ajax-based application from the Web service to the Web server to the browser.”

Key features of SOASTA CloudTest’s Web UI/Ajax capability include:

  • Automated Browser Recording: SOASTA CloudTest’s automated browser recording captures all of the user’s browser actions (i.e. click, type, mouse down, mouse up, mouse over, select, drag, drop, submit, etc.) and automatically adds each action to the test that is being created. This allows for fast and easy creation of the basics of a Web UI/Ajax test.
  • Cross-browser Support:SOASTA CloudTest supports automated Web UI/Ajax testing for Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, and Safari.
  • Monitoring: SOASTA CloudTest monitors all three tiers of a Web application—from the Web service, to the Web server, to the browser. In addition, SOASTA CloudTest monitors network devices (i.e. routers, firewalls, and load balancers), as well as software resources (i.e. application servers and databases) that are part of the Web application infrastructure.
  • Integrated Analytics: SOASTA CloudTest supplies users with instantly available, pre-built analytics to document all test results. Users can immediately drill through charts all the way down to the exact message or event to understand, diagnose, and analyze test results.
  • Scalable, Distributed Architecture: A scalable, distributed architecture allows users to build a test that simultaneously runs multiple browsers distributed in the testing lab or around the world for one unified test result.

About SOASTA, Inc.

SOASTA, Inc. (pronounced sō’-sta), is a leading provider of test automation solutions for Web applications and services. SOASTA’s mission is to ensure that today’s complex Web applications perform in a high quality, scalable, and predictable manner. SOASTA’s product family—including SOASTA CloudTest, a uniquely visual Web testing service, and CloudTest Appliance, the industry’s first complete, professional, and affordable Web testing appliance—enables faster, more flexible and reliable Web testing for the entire testing team. The company supports Load, Functional, Performance, and Web UI/Ajax testing. SOASTA is privately held and headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information about SOASTA and its product offerings, please visit


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