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QTRAX Leverages the Cloud to Test Web Site

QTRAX is a very exciting new Web site that enables users to download songs for FREE. They announced today that they have significantly expanded the number of songs/artists that are now available to their 300,000 registered users. The number of users is certain to grow in the coming months as word gets out about QTRAX. The potential for a significant burst of new demand is a very “real and present danger” for their CTO Chris Roe. The issue centers around Web performance.  Web performance is customer service for QTRAX. If the site has any latency issues or crashes, they are certain to lose customers, and they can’t afford to do so. How exactly do you prepare for the potential of one million users hitting your site when the new Springsteen song is released? Traditionally you would not. Mostly because you would need over 1,000 servers to simulate that kind of traffic to test your site before you went into production. Who has the money to do that? So, Chris had to look outside the box, and ended up choosing a test solution in the “Clouds”.

More specifically, Chris looked at the power, elasticity, and affordability of  Cloud Computing to test his Web site. Basically, leveraging the “Web” as the test platform for testing his Web site. By partnering with SOASTA and using CloudTest On-Demand, QTRAX recently simulated over 500,000 users (originating from around the world) downloading songs from their site.  Perhaps even more significant, they all hit the site at the same time. If just having this kind of test platform at your fingertips was not enough, he did it for only a few thousands dollars . . .  a fraction of what it would have cost using traditional test tools and a hardwired, proprietary test data center.  He also achieved a far greater level of quality results because he used the Web as his test platform. The same platform that he was using to deploy.  Of course, Chris still worries about his Web performance, but at a lesser degree had he not not tested at all (and if he did, certainly not at the kind levels of that he has these past few months). As Chris says, “Cloud testing is forever changing how all of us our testing our Web sites”.

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As CEO of SOASTA, Tom brings more than 30 years of experience building early stage software companies, leading two companies to successful IPOs. Tom is a regular speaker at both cloud and testing events, and has become a leading advocate in using the cloud to empower individuals and accelerate changes in how applications are built, tested and deployed. Most recently, Tom served as President and CEO of Kenamea. Prior to Kenamea, he was CEO of Dorado Corp., a financial services software provider. Previous to Dorado, he was EVP of Sagent Technology through its 1999 IPO, entrepreneur-in-residence at Crosspoint Venture Partners, and held executive positions at Digitalk Corp., Knowledgeware (KWI) and Encore Financial Services. Tom also serves on several boards in the Silicon Valley.