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Product Innovation. How SOASTA’s Changing the Game.

Infrastructure and services are major challenges faced by those in the automotive industry trying to drive the adoption of electric vehicles. Whether it’s charging stations to enable long trips or qualified mechanics to keep the car running, product innovations such as electric vehicles require complementary adaptations in the services offered to support them.

When we introduced cloud testing there were very few in the industry that knew much about the cloud … or testing at scale … or testing in production … or iterative testing leveraging real-time analytics. SOASTA’s team of Performance Engineers filled the gaps, first by providing on-demand load and performance testing for consumer facing websites and applications and eventually by sharing the resulting best practices and CloudTest Methodology with customers who have adopted CloudTest, such as Avaya, Intuit, Dillard’s, Best Buy, Old Navy, Hallmark and many more.

In developing TouchTest for mobile test automation, we’ve once again introduced an innovative product to a market in desperate need of a solution. The compression of the software development life cycle, the need to precisely validate the accuracy of multi-touch, gesture-based applications, the scale at which mobile apps are deployed, and the proliferation of device types means that it is NOT business as usual in the QA world. TouchTest is designed to address these issues with a unique approach that eliminates the need for emulation and optical recognition, does not require jailbreaking or tethering, and enables testing from inside the app that goes far beyond the UI level.

With the launch of our Mobile Services Division, we’re matching product innovation with services innovation. By helping customers build and manage mobile test labs, and combining best practices with a proven methodology, supplemented by accredited partners from around the world, SOASTA is once again filling the capability gap and offering the infrastructure and services needed to support innovation!

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