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Testing strategies for seasonal readiness: How to plan for peak traffic [EBOOK]

Performance Testing Strategies for Seasonal Readiness [ebook]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas — or at least Halloween — and we’re barely into October. And you know that as soon as the Halloween merchandise is off the shelves, it’ll be replaced for what for many retailers is the largest retail sales time of the year.

Are you ready?

Even if retail isn’t your business, you likely have busy times when your site has to be ready for peak load:

  • Payroll or tax preparation and filing time: annual, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly
  • Major events like the Superbowl, playoffs, elections, and award shows
  • Unexpected events like major news, weather, and storms
  • Seasonal sales like back-to-school, annual sale, Singles day, Christmas in July

Whatever your business, it’s probably growing on both desktop and mobile, and your users are expecting great performance — especially during peak periods. You want to be ready when these customers come, so that they are satisfied and don’t jump to a competitor’s site.

It’s an unfortunate truth that just because you met last year’s high-volume demands doesn’t mean you’ll be prepared for this year. We see many cases of retailers that experienced traffic spikes eight or more times higher than they expected.

Want to know how to get ready?

To help you prepare, we’ve put together an 8-page guide filled with tips from performance experts to help you get ready and be ready for your peak season. The guide covers topics such as:

  • How traffic patterns have shifted over the years
  • Why today’s application environment is more dynamic than ever
  • How poor web/app performance can even hurt in-store sales
  • What is the cost of poor performance during peak traffic
  • How to get your site ready for seasonal traffic
  • How retailers like Bonobos and Nordstrom stay fast and available during traffic spikes and year round

Don’t wait for your next emergency

Rather than wait for your next peak traffic emergency, talk to us today to learn how we can prepare your site for seasonal spikes.

Performance Testing Strategies for Seasonal Readiness

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