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How SOASTA and Google used machine learning to predict bounce rate and conversions

If you’re ever offered a chance to throw a million or so beacon’s worth of user data into a Google-developed machine-learning system, I highly recommend you say yes. That’s what we did here at SOASTA, when Google approached us a year ago about partnering on a pioneering research project. The results have been eye-opening. In this […]

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Managing third party resources is like herding cats

What percentage of the total page resources that your web or mobile property delivered yesterday were third party resources, such as ads, social media badges, monitoring scripts, or tracking tools? Exactly how big is the impact of third parties on key metrics such as conversion rates, bounce rates, and page views? It’s surprising just how few digital businesses […]

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Single page application best practices introduction visual

In the year since SOASTA announced support for monitoring the performance of single page applications (SPAs), we’ve been continually improving how we help our customers measure their apps. We’ve learned a lot from our customers from how they are building their single page apps. Many of our monitoring improvements are being driven by the variety of websites that our customers are building, […]

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How SOASTA predictive web performance analytics works

How many times have you asked yourself “What if?” “What if we could go to Mars?” “What if we had autonomous vehicles?” And how about something you could take action on right now, not years in the future? How about: “What if my digital property had better performance? How would that affect the bottom line […]

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My favorite web performance posts this month

In case you missed it… here’s my latest roundup of performance-related news, research, and case studies. This month, we have some fantastic case studies from Instagram and The Financial Times, some new stats about mobile, hard-won wisdom about how to build a performance culture in your organization, and some eye-opening insights about the impact of performance optimization on accessibility […]

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