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International Women's Day profiles

There’s an amazingly talented and diverse group of women here at SOASTA, throughout every area of the company. I’ve been in this industry long enough to know that this diversity didn’t happen by accident, but rather is the result of intent – an intent that comes both from acknowledgement of what’s fair and right and from […]

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Site outage versus slow pages: which hurts you more?

Tuesday’s AWS outage – which lasted four hours and affected almost 150,000 companies, including a significant number of online retailers – is, not surprisingly, being dissected to bits. Downtime is horrifying for any company that uses the internet as a vital part of its business (which is to say: most companies). It was almost exactly one year ago, in […]

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what is bizops

“BizOps” has been a hot topic for at least a couple of years now, and like all hot topics, it’s met with a healthy amount of skepticism. Understandable. We work in an industry with a lot of bandwagons. But BizOps isn’t a new concept. It’s a relatively new label for a concept that’s been around for several years: […]

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mPulse monitoring and analytics: Now bigger, faster, and smarter than ever

On Friday, February 17, we deployed one of our largest mPulse updates ever – the biggest since our very first deployment back in 2013. Why so big? As our user community has grown – and as all of you mPulse users have collected more and more user experiences to monitor and analyze – our infrastructure has also needed to scale […]

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Black Friday overtakes Cyber Monday for holiday traffic

At SOASTA, we’re in the unique and fortunate position to be able to access a massive amount of historical user experience data. We recently analyzed almost 100 billion beacons worth of mPulse data (representing more than 10 billion user experiences) gathered via our customers’ sites. In this post, I’m going to share our three most interesting […]

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17 essential skills for growing web performance engineers

Performance engineering as a discipline goes back several decades. I’ve heard firsthand accounts of testing and optimization of software from the 1960s. Still, much of what we practice today has built up in the last twenty years or so, since the first generation of commercial performance testing tools started appearing. It can be hard to describe […]

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