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How to improve load testing from the Azure Cloud

Recently in the SOASTA 55.20 update we added support for Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM), a management feature of Microsoft Azure. After moving to this latest CloudTest release, you’ll find great improvements in speed and reliability of Azure servers in your load and performance tests. What is Azure? Maybe you’re not familiar with Azure, the […]

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For the web performance community, the hunt for a single metric that captures the entire user experience on a website is kind of like the quest for the holy grail. On the one hand, there’s pretty much universal agreement that there’s no single metric that fully captures the entire user experience on all websites. But on the […]

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performance monitoring and business intelligence

For close to two decades now, businesses have discovered opportunities to use Internet-based interactive applications to improve or expand their “brick and mortar” businesses. Now, whether its retail, wholesale, manufacturing or services, the vast majority of businesses in North America, Europe and Asia have found a way to use web and mobile to change their […]

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