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您好 (Ní hao) CloudTest! New features give more insight into how your site performs in China

Recently in the SOASTA54 release, CloudTest expanded its global reach with two new features that offer significant benefits to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of how their site performs in China.

These features don’t just benefit our customers in China. CloudTest users elsewhere can use it to load test their non-China sites, to better understand how their pages perform for users in China.

First, the CloudTest user interface is now localized into Simplified Chinese, making it easier for native speakers to access. Second, CloudTest now supports generating load from servers located in mainland China, further increasing the global reach for load generation.

Feature 1: Simplified Chinese localization

To switch the language, click on the “EN” menu at the right side of the CloudTest menu bar and choose Chinese from the menu:

Ni Hao Image-2


The user interface will switch from English to Chinese for menus, dialogs, and messages. To switch back to English, access the same menu, which will now show “ZH”, and choose English from the menu.

Feature 2: Generating load from mainland China

With the addition of QingCloud as a provider partner, CloudTest load testing can now be generated from mainland China with servers available in Hong Kong, Guangdong, and Beijing. This load can be used to test within China or from China to any other location where you application resides.

CloudTest has the largest reach worldwide for global load generation across more than 20 cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Dimension Data, GoGrid, HP, IBM, RackSpace, Microsoft, and Google. Find our complete list of cloud partners here.

As this dashboard shows, CloudTest makes it easy to test your web or mobile app with global load from wherever your customers may be across the planet:

Ni Hao CloudTest-4

Upgrade to SOASTA54 to get the latest features in CloudTest. For information about all of the features in SOASTA54, visit CloudLink.

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