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New mPulse features: Custom dimensions, more user demographics, and support for native mobile apps and single-page applications

We’ve just released a slew of new features with mPulse 55, SOASTA’s real-user monitoring solution. One feature is that mPulse will announce its own new features when you log on. But why wait? Here they all are.

mPulse now supports native mobile apps (iOS and Android)

This means  developers and designers can gather performance analytics from their mobile app users, and ensure their applications are performing well for real users. mPulse Mobile not only includes performance data, it will also include demographic information about the user, such as:

  • where the user is located,
  • what OS they’re on,
  • what carrier they use,
  • their connection type, and even
  • what version of the application they’re using.


New device dimensions

We’ve added the ability to segment data by:

  • device type for all versions of mPulse,
  • device manufacturer for Pro and Enterprise, and
  • device model for Enterprise.

Filtering is also now tiered for easier navigation.


Single page app support with Angular.js and Auto-XHR

mPulse is the only RUM solution that supports single page applications (SPAs). Until now, developers who build SPAs had no visibility into their real user experiences. With the AngularJS plugin, mPulse now allows tracking all SPA navigations beyond the initial navigation.

For more information on SPAs and this new Boomerang plugin, please see our blog post on how to provide real-user monitoring for single-page applications.

Custom dimensions

Performance testers can now define their own metrics, so you can measure what matters to you. Using industry standards is great. However, all companies are different, they use different technologies, and have different KPIs. mPulse enables you to define and measure your organization’s unique dimensions and use them to segment and analyze your RUM data.

More user demographics

Networks, devices, connection type… segmenting RUM data can be overwhelming with the number of devices in the market. mPulse enables you to see not only your top device types, but manufacturer and model as well, so you can quickly identify devices that may change a user experience or what devices you should try an optimize for. mPulse also lets you separate traffic between different, network connections, and data sources, such as users or services so you can easily understand and focus on the data you care about most.

Learn more: What’s new in mPulse 55

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